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Tape Reader

Tape reader was first published in August 1978 and became a regular monthly sight in both the St. Botolphs and Brent ILTMS centres.

It was aimed at highlighting the inadequacies and mishaps of the band of brothers at the two centres although, if warranted, did spread further afield to what used to be knows as 'regional departments' such as Hardware Procurement and Software Development.


At the time, everything was kept secret and nobody knew for certain who produced the publication and even received a threatening (yet welcome) endorsement from Peter Carrington. Peter was our Boss', boss' boss, which at that time carried a great deal of power!

This was taken quite seriously and although a few 'managers' (AEEs) knew who was responsible, they kept quiet, while others had an idea but absolutley no proof.

At one time, it was even sugested that photocopiers were being marked with patterns of small dots of Snopake (typing correction fluid) in an attempt to identify which one was being used to produce it!

However, in true TR fashion, instead of desisting, a Wanted poster appeared!


Now, as most people have left the company, we can reveal that it was produced on the 5th floor of St Botolphs on 5-unit tape (Baudot code) to allow editing and printed on a 'Transtel' dot-matrix printer - all the rage in those days! The titles were hand written (why didn't we use a stencil?)


This was all quite time-consuing, as once the articles had been typed (& edited!) they had to be printed out and cut to size then arranged on an A4 sheet of paper along with the logo header. Once they were arranged, they had to be phtocopied, collated & stapled. Most editions were 3 pages long, but some were four, and some had extra items that needed to be added like the free gifts of a diode (as the metal detector - something that was all the rage at the time), a candle to celebrate our 1st birthday (altough some people did ask why we had attached a straw to the latest copy. Doh!)

A number of people were involved in all of this including.... ah.. That would be telling!


We even had our own advertising 'A frame' which appeared on publication days. This had been 'collected' from an employment agency in Houndsditch after a lunchtime session. Err... Yes. Hrmm.


In addition to the (almost) monthly editions, there were some specials for such events as the darts match between BTI & Reuters called Tape Punch.



The start - 1978