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We used to have an old gramophone/wireless set in the living room. It had a hinged lid that hid the record deck and a set of push buttons in the centre of the front panel.


I used to pull the back off of it and take out the speaker plugs (banana plugs) and plug in my high-impedance (2000 Ω), ex-military headphones to lie on the floor, while the rest of the family watched TV and I would listen to Radio Northsea International (RNI).


They were a pirate ship operating out of Scheveningen, Holland anchored in International waters and broadcast on many frequencies. I used to listen on 220M, MW.

They have an interesting and sometimes secret history including being bombed by a rival pirate station (Radio Veronica) and being accused of manipulating the UK national elections of 1970 as well as spying for the Russians (allegedly!).


The mother of one of the presenters - Rob Eden - worked in the school office of Haverstock School in Chalk Farm. I was fascinated by this and she even managed to get me one of their publications, a glossy picture book.