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Each Saturday, I used to go shopping with my Nan, who lived just across the road.

Most days it would start with being sent to the local shops for spam!

Then it would be a walk or a bus from Hampstead road to Camden town.

The only real shops I remember were the fishmonger near the junction of ? road where the owners always remembered us.


A bus home along Albany street was, for some reason, a treat!


Once home, the sorting used to start.

Two bags would be produced - one for my Mum & Dad and one for my uncle and aunt, Des & Vera.

Once they were complete, that would be the end of the day for me. I seem to remember being given something like half-a-crown for helping and that included taking 'the bag' home to Mum (which, for some reason always seemed like an enwelcome task!)


It also included shelling peas - one for the bowl, one for me, one for the bowl, two for me. Definitely where I got my taste for fresh peas!