Current Chief Minister Allan Bell has stated that he 'abhors the arrogance of senior Management at Manx radio'! Does anybody else see the irony in him in particular saying such a thing? He doesn't exactly lack those traits himself!
John Shimmin, currently Minsiter for Economic Development, never ceases to amaze me with his arrogance towards the Manx population. From 2010 when he tried to sneak in the back door of Tynwald rather than face the protest outside about the future of the MGP and, when 'caught' stated to the camera that he '..didn't have to answer to us, he has to answer to Tynwald'. Of course, he does have to answer to Tynwald but he ultimately has to answer to us - the public that voted him in! In his latest .. he has
The current Director of Highways, Richard Pearson, has announced that he is to leave his position citing the upcoming changes in Government structure.

Mr David Anderson has been exonerated for his part in the Health Service issues after we hear that some of the advice he was given by his senior Civil Servants wasn't all-together 'accurate'. That's fine. However, my concern is that these 'senior advisers' still seem to be in place and could still give similar 'bad' information to the incoming Minister. Surely they should be removed from their posts before this can happen?

After the endless showings of the entire Star Wars saga (on multiple channels!) and Potter films, at last we are treated to the Sound of Music!

(Saves me getting the DVD out!) Sad, I know..)