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The Sulby Glen Hotel is situated in the village of Sulby (really??) and is on the doorstep of the TT course.{jcomments off} Although I must have visited it when I first came to the Isle of Man, my first real memory of it is from 1993 when I was looking for a house to buy. I had been out with friends and at the end of the day, it was suggested we went for a drink in the Sulby. It was in February or March and I remember the roaring fire and the excellent beers. It had always been known as the German Embassy due to the large number of Germans that made it and the surrounding area their home for the TT each year. A few years later, friends of mine moved from Douglas to Lezayre and on many nights we would either walk to the pub or, hopefully, get a ride. We were lucky as the very last bus that moved on the Island each night passed within feet of the front door of the pub, although it was a bit more of a walk to the house at the other end of the journey! During this time, we saw many reasons to try to stay behind after normal closing time! It wasn't until I became Chief Sector Marshal for one of the sectors on the TT course that I really got to know Rosie and Eddie - Eddie was a fellow CSM although all he had to do was walk out of his door and he was in his sector - I had an 11 mile ride from my house to my sector! Since then I have made regular trips out to the pub, more often than not staying overnight so I can sample the (still!) excellent beers - and the real fire of course!

There is an offical Manx language (a version of Gaelic) but there is also a lot of local dialect and a great accent.


Taking the pee out of it can be seen on youtube, links below:



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There are some very good new sites to help people learn the language.

This is being heavily promoted for 2014 - 'Island of Culture'.




Tape reader was first published in August 1978 and became a regular monthly sight in both the St. Botolphs and Brent ILTMS centres.

I had started to think about a new bike while on holiday in August 2011. My ZX636R was now nearly 9 years old and had started to give me a few problems, especially when the gear linkage siezed on the way back from the Outer Hebrides leaving me with only two gears to get from Glencoe to Dumfries!

Below are some quotations and signatures I have come across and like!

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For some reason, I decided I wanted the words to our national Anthems on here so here they are!