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Finally, after owning the house for approaching 17 years, I've decided it is time to carry out some extra improvements, in this case a new kitchen.


After having suffered in London with different comapnies and people with varying levels of competence, I have decided on a 'complete service' approach and contacted a few companies for their suggestions and designs.

Below are the three that I am considering.


My initial reaction was to continue with the present layout, including the corner units but two of the suppliers suggested a 'flat-wall' may be a better design and so produced two different designs. The third supplier just didn't think the corner unit would work so only produced a 'flat-wall' design.



Which one do you prefer? (let me know by 29th Jan 2012)






Design 1 - top-down view


iom kitchen supplier1 sink hobiom kitchen supplier1 design1 corner



Supplier 1 - design 2


iom kitchen supplier1 topview design2 iom kitchen supplier1 design2 flatwall




Supplier No 2 - design 1


iom kitchen supplier2 design1 corner  iom kitchen supplier2 design1 hob sink


Supplier 2 - Design 2


iom kitchen supplier2 design2 flatwall iom kitchen supplier2 design2 hob sink


Supplier 3

Only one design from this supplier.


iom kitchen supplier3 top


iom kitchen supplier3 sink hob iom kitchen supplier3 window


iom kitchen supplier3 flatwall