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Thankfully, I left BT at the end of August 2007, sold my flat in London and now live in the Isle of Man.

I 'retired' at the end of August 2007 from BT, previously known as the Post Office, where I had worked as an engineer for nearly 35 years since I left school in 1972.

They had been offering 'Voluntary Redundancy' packages (previously known as 'Early retirement') for some time now and, confronted with the ever increasing interference from 'corporate beancounters' who have absolutely no idea of the types of business they destroy, merely looking at the short-term and what bonus they can obtain before moving on to destroy another company, I decided enough was enough and decided to take their offer. This was in June and my last day was 31st August.


Around the same time, my flat in London was put on the market as I had had enough of the local council (Camden) and no longer needed to be based in the UK for my job (see above!)

I'm currently enjoying life and not working - 'semi-retired' although, at only 51, that seems a bit strange to say.

It also seems to raise a few eyebrow when advising companies of a 'change of job' or applying for credit cards, loans, insurance etc..


I was born at University College Hospital in St. Pancras, London in May 1956. At that time, we lived in a Flat; No 5, Marchi House in Varndell Street, NW1. This had a bakery attached to the flats and gave them their name.
We lived there until we moved in 1961. This was to one of the new 'high-rise' blocks favoured after the war to provide enough housing although our block was only 5 floors high and called 'Scafell'; All the blocks of flats in the area were names of places in the Lake District.
I lived there until December 2007 when I (finally!) moved to the Isle of Man.

I have 3 brothers and one sister living in places like Southampton, Ipswich, London plus my Mum & Dad in South Wales.

I went to Christ Church primary school in Redhill street, NW1 from 1961 to 1967 and Haverstock secondary school in Chalk Farm, NW3 between 1967 & 1972.


I served an engineering apprentice with the UK GPO - General Post Office - from 1972 until 1975 and have been with the company - through all the name changes - ever since, retiring in August 2007.
Although having worked for the same company for over 35 years, the work has been very different ranging from working on Teleprinters (like those that used to deliver the football scores on TV all those years ago), through to facsimile services long before machines were small enough (& idiot-proof enough) to be installed in offices, through to some of the first commercial computers (literally working 'IN' computers - they were large enough to get inside the cabinets!) and later with some of the latest computer technology. All from the same 'pay group'.


My hobbies include Motorbikes, Real ale (CaMRA member since 1976), Broadcast radio, Travelling (mainly the UK).


I am involved with the Isle of Man TT Marshals' Association where I hold the postion of one of the 12 Chief Sector Marshals looking after a section of the 37¾ mile course. I also served  on the board of directors from 2008-2010 when I left after becoming increasingly disillusioned with the Association, especially the [lack of] leadership.